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My Arts & Crafts Story

      As a child, I began dancing Mambo/Salsa On 2 professionally with my parents Eddie and Maria Torres, but as I grew up dancing, I also remember enjoying arts and crafts, and attending different classes to learn how to make things. I did some engraving on glass, made the Chinese staircase design with plastic string, painted by number, painted freehand in school, and did some nail art. 


      Now, I believe that God has inspired me to revisit those arts and crafts that I once enjoyed growing up, and in addition to those art forms, I have been introduced to jewelry making, arm knitting, and loom knitting. As I was in the process of naming my Arts and Crafts business, I believe God inspired me while I was traveling by something I saw, and BAM there was the beginning of Handmade Arts 4 Christ. So I started the journey, and developed this web site where I will showcase many of the art works God inspires me to make. I do thank all of the people I’ve learned from for teaching these techniques.


      I hope that you enjoy this site, and are encouraged to use your God-given gifts, talents, and skills to Glorify God, and share it with others, as well as enjoy the passion of expressing your gift the way God created you to. God Bless you.

God is Awesome
Nadia Torres
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