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Nadia Torres Nail Art Designs

Nadia Torres and Nail Art designs

      I remember starting to paint free hand nail art designs when I was younger. I would take the thin nail art brushes in the nail art polish and begin painting nail art on my own nails when I would do dance shows or even when I just wanted to paint my nails. I also remember my younger sister, cousins, and friends coming over to our house and asking me, Nadia can you do my nails? I didn't have any formal training at that time to do nail art, I just did it because I enjoyed it and noticed that I was good at it. I then developed a nail art board like the ones I would see in the windows of nail salons, and when my family and friends wanted to get their nails done they would look at my nail board and choose their nail polish color and designs.


      Later on I went to a beauty school where I began to learn about nail technology. While in class, I noticed that my favorite thing to do was to paint nail art on my own nails or on plastic nail tips. I completed the nail technology course and now I just continue to paint my own nails and enjoy painting nail art from time to time. I have also started painting press on nails that I offer for sale.

      You can now check out my Press on Nails that I offer for sale by clicking the button below.

Thank you, May God Bless you and Enjoy.

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